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Scent Sampler Pack

Scent Sampler Pack

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Scent Sampler Pack

     Choose your next scent for all-natural body care products with this Scent Sampler Pack. It includes three 1ml bottles of essential oils, perfect for trying new oil blends. Find new favorites to add delightful aromas to your soaps, moisturizers, and sun relief products.

     Create your own custom, aroma-therapeutic collection, starting with these essential oil sampler sets.


Group 1: Mental Clarity

  • Sweet Grounding - sweet, spicy scent

  • Bright Morning - Light, bright, eye opening scent, Minty-Citrus

  • Floral Enlightenment -Floral, citrus filled forest

Group 2: Coming Home, Comforting

  • Fall Farmhouse - Pumpkins harvest

  • Harvest Apple Cider - Warm cider by a hot fire

  • Carmel Nut Muffin - Christmas morning

Group 3: Not yet available

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