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Rediscovered Art Tabletop Electric Fountains

Rediscovered Art Tabletop Electric Fountains

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Rediscovered Art Tabletop Fountains

     Take a risk and upgrade your style with these exclusive Art Tabletop Fountains! Each one is a unique, One-of-a-Kind work of Art. Grab it quickly because there won't be another like it. Bring your decor into the future with these rediscovered pieces, from copper tea kettles to silver punch bowls and more.

     Make a statement and push your home to the next level! Dare to stand out and be bold with these one-of-a-kind art fountains! Featuring an array of bronze, silver, copper and crystal, these pieces will bring your space to life.

     Dare to be daring and go for the extraordinary!

Fountains Currently Available:

Silver Punchbowl Fountain

     Silver - Silver Plated Punch Bowl with inner silver filigree stand and inner center silver service lid. Powered by 3w electric water pump.

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