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Hoya 'Silver Splash'

Hoya 'Silver Splash'

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Hoya 'Silver Splash'

This rapid-growing hoya boasts distinctive green and waxy foliage punctuated by beautiful silver variegation.

Silver Splash Hoya

This commanding hoya is both regal and rare, its distinctively green and waxy foliage framed by exquisite silver variegation. Its leaves, kissed by generous sunlight, can even blush with a gentle hue of pink. With patience and dedication, it will reward its nurturers with fragrant clusters of starry blossoms, an elegant and unforgettable sight.

For pet owners: Pet friendly


  • Size:
  1. Small~8-10" tall and a 4" pot.
  2. Medium~8-12" tall and a 6" pot.
  3. Hanging~4-8" long in a 6" hanging basket.
  • Sunlight: Medium to bright indirect light.
  • Watering frequency: Twice a month
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