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Perma-Frame Ferris Wheel

Perma-Frame Ferris Wheel

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Perma-Frame Ferris Wheel

     Introducing the Perma-Frame Ferris Wheel - the perfect pop of pizzazz for any occasion. Capture a special moment from your Disney getaway or honor a momentous Perma-Framewedding day with our uniquely festive gift. 

     Crafted with epoxy resin, your photos are kept safe 'n' sound while adding a little extra joy to your home or that of your fam and friends. Pick out 8 unforgettable memories and you'll have a show-stopping accessory that oozes your style and flair! Create a universe of memories with the Perma-Frame Ferris Wheel!

     Whether you want to share the magic of your Grand Canyon trip or commemorate a birth, this stylish and sentimental keepsake will make your special moments shine. With a dreamy design crafted from epoxy resin, your photos will be kept safe - and the awesomeness will keep on rollin'!


  • Rotates fully around with 8 swinging "photo cars" hanging gracefully from the wheel proudly displaying your precious memories. Each photo permanently encased in resin to protect your images for life.
  • Elegantly detailed: fits perfectly in living room, family room, den, hallway, bedroom, or office. Display your photos, awards, certificates with style.
  • Great Gift Idea for Christmas, best friend birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentines, baby shower, family collage, Father’s Day.
  • Desktop Perma-Frame Fits 8 1.5X1.5" pictures.
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