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Frame: Moving Ferris Wheel Perma-Frame

Frame: Moving Ferris Wheel Perma-Frame

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Ferris Wheel Perma-Frame

Rotates fully around with 8 swinging "photo cars" hanging gracefully from the wheel proudly displaying your precious memories. Each photo permanently encased in resin to protect your images for life.

Elegantly detailed: fits perfectly in living room, family room, den, hallway, bedroom, or office. Display your photos, awards, certificates with style. 

Great Gift Idea for Christmas, best friend birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentines, baby shower, family collage, Father’s Day.

Desktop Perma-Frame Fits 8 1.5X1.5" pictures.


Though any can be used in any combination with each other, the basic mediums I work in are epoxy resin, wood, wax, stone, plastic, gems, crystals, flowers, glass, shells...

Combinations depend on product, Materials listed are the basic materials I tend to favor.

Custom Orders

1. All custom pieces are UNIQUE pieces of Art! Be advised if you wish a "SET" of anything custom made you will need to order all together so colors and design layout can be matched as closely as possible.

2. Each one is different due to ARTIST CHOICES. You can choose primary and secondary colors. As well as all extras you might enjoy.

All other colors used and placements are at the discretion of the Artist.

3. Custom orders do take up to 10 days to ship. By ordering custom made items you accept the delay in shipping. This delay is due to resin hardening and curing times and beyond my control.


Care information

1. Store out of direct sunlight

2. Handwash

3. Prevent drops or striking blows

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