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Games: Crystal Resin Eggs

Games: Crystal Resin Eggs

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Type of Crystal Resin Egg

Crystal Resin Dragon Eggs

Signed & Dated by ARTIST!


1. Transparent egg: Imagine a beautifully clear egg with a Dinosaur / Dragon / Unicorn / Mermaid / Nemo character inside.

2. The mystical friends will appear in this world from the egg. It looks realistic enough for you to brag to your party guests or friends!

3. Made of high-quality resin, crystal clear, strong and durable, not easy to damage, easy to store.

4. This is the perfect collectable, own this egg or give to your favorite fantasy lovers! It is a miracle that others will be jealous over!

Shiney's are waiting to be discovered, collected & traded


  • Egg size: w 1.5in * h 2.25in
  • Standard Base size: w 2in * h .5in
  • Upgrade Base size: w 2.5in * h 2.25in
  • Lighted Upgrade Base size: w 2.5 * h 2.25in
  • Protector Base size: w 7in * h 2.25 - 4.5in

Sizes are approximate 

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