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* Clipboards

* Clipboards

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Custom Clipboards

Pick your colors... add flowers, glitter, shells, a name or pick a theme. Then let the Artist go to work! ;) Can add names, Company Logos, Award images.. let your imagination soar!   



    Though any can be used in any combination with each other, the basic mediums I work in are epoxy resin, wood, wax, stone, plastic, gems, crystals, flowers, glass, shells, acrylic paint, enamal paint, glitter, fabric, leather, fur and feathers.

    Combinations depend on product, Materials listed are the basic materials I tend to favor.

    Custom Orders

    1. All custom pieces are UNIQUE pieces of Art! Be advised if you wish a "SET" of anything custom made you will need to order all together. This is needed so the colors and design layout can be matched as closely as possible.

    2. Each one is different due to ARTIST CHOICES. You can choose primary and secondary colors. As well as all extras you might enjoy.

    All other colors used and placements are at the discretion of the Artist.

    3. Custom orders can take up to 10 days to ship. By ordering custom made items you accept the delay in shipping. This delay is due to proper preperation and curing of materials I work with and beyond my control.


    Picture Quality

    The quality of the source photo will have a significant impact on the final result.

    Images pulled from a website or Facebook page may only work at small reproduction sizes or may not be adequate at all.

    Photos with good exposure, contrast, and shadow detail work the best. File resolution should be at least 300dpi. I am NOT Adobe certified Photoshop Master and master retoucher, and I CAN NOT work miracles!

    I am able to improve some photos, I will not guarantee that I can work miracles and improve every photo. I will discuss with you any special circumstances or requests.

    Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving can be commissioned on many types of materials. Wood, metal, cork, ceramic, glass, acrylic, tephlon and stone are just a few!

    I can work with photos, text and graphic design.

    Please feel free to request a quote on anything you would like to have custom made.

    Care information

    Resin & Wood Products

    1. Store out of direct sunlight

    2. Handwash

    3. Prevent drops or striking blows

    Wood Products

    1. Oil & Wax with Appropriate wood products

    2. Recommended: Clarks Cutting Board Oil & Wax0

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