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Bag of Freak'n Fuks

Bag of Freak'n Fuks

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Bag of Freak'n Fuks!

Show you care! Give a Fuk today!!

 Ever been asked why you never give a fuck? It wasn't your fault! You had no 'Fuks' to give. But now you do! 

A handmade leather bag holds way more than a 'Baker's Dozen Fuks' so you have plenty of 'Fuks' to give & show how much you care. Some are even 'Freaks' when it's not appropriate to give a 'Fuk'.  

Bag sold by weight approx. 1oz (35-50 'Fuks')

Big, small, super, friggin, flying, freak'n... No 2 'Fuks' the same means the right 'Fuk' for the occasion! Get your bag today!

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