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Medium Baby Rubber Plant

Medium Baby Rubber Plant

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 Medium Baby Rubber Plant 

     This 'Baby Rubber Plant' features emerald green, oval-shaped leaves and is easy to cultivate. Native to tropical climates of the Americas, it craves warmer surroundings and should be kept away from cold air that can enter through open windows.

     Its low-maintenance nature and vibrant foliage help enhance any living space, and it is tolerant of low levels of humidity and indirect light. This hardy plant will not only spruce up any home but also adds a natural touch to the environment. With its ability to grow in low light and low levels of humidity, the 'Baby Rubber Plant' is easy to care for and requires little upkeep, so it's perfect for any lifestyle. Plus, its pet-friendly nature makes it a great option for families with four-legged friends.

For pet owners: Pet friendly


  • Size: ~12-18" tall and a 6" pot
  • Sunlight: Medium to bright indirect light.
  • Watering frequency: Once a week
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