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Medium African Milk Tree

Medium African Milk Tree

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African Milk Tree

     This plant's emerald columns are overlaid with rich, scarlet hues and graced with striking red foliage. It features an eye-catching, contemporary look while requiring minimal effort to maintain - it will even thrive if overlooked. No watering necessary - just enjoy its beauty and admiration.

     It's the perfect way to add a modern touch to your home with minimal effort. This hardy succulent is sure to capture attention with its vibrant foliage and unique, elegant appearance, offering a touch of luxury with no added upkeep.

     Its efficient water-retention capabilities eliminate the need for frequent watering - so all you have to do is admire its captivating beauty. 

For pet owners: Not pet friendly


  • Size: ~12-15" tall and a 6" pot.
  • Sunlight: Bright, indirect to direct light.
  • Watering frequency: Once a month
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