Sorry about the delay.

Sorry about the delay.

Things have been really hectic around here. I got approved to list my catalogue on both Amazon & Walmart .com. Both of those have a clock that starts ticking the moment you are approved. Well I got approved for both the same week.

Great!  And Hard!

Now, because my stuff is unique & handmade, mush of it custom, I can't just create a file & bulk list. My stuff is not mass produced & doesn't have UPC codes. So every item has to be individually listed and a New UPC code has to be assigned to each item. Now what I have just described is the easy part of this! :P

Then there is Branding, Trademarks, Proper Photographs, Shipping Profiles, Linking, Syncing, Advertising & Yes... There is still more...

I do have a few kits ready. One of them the Surfboard above with different footprints offered and personalization. I haven't have the time to make the instruction videos yet. ;(

They will be made avoidable as soon as I have my items right on Walmart & Amazon.

Thank you all for you understanding,


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