New Crafter's Corner Coming SOON!

Crafter's Corner

Hey All,

    Starting a new program to sell kits of some of them things I create.  These will be designed as kits filled with the supplies you need to make the project. With the kit you will also receive access to the proper video to guide you thru the craft process. Helpful hints and tips will be discussed throughout the videos along with creative possibilities that you might decide to incorporate into your design. You will see me working thru the process and playing with ideas along the way.


     Crafter's wanting to learn will find this a great way to start. Or maybe you just want to make a gift with love from your heart 'for that special someone. No matter your reason creating is a wonderful way to relax and promote great mental health! Do something good for yourself. GET CRAFTY TODAY!!!

     Questions, comment, and other tips will be available from me and all of you, below the videos, as we continue to move along.     

TTYS, Roni

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